Avg. Lot Value/Min buy/Payment:

Avg. Lot Value , to keep the invested time for packing orders reasonable we have a an average lot limit set to $0.5. 

Minimum buy, is set to $5.

Payment, we accept PayPal, credit card, IBAN and swish (for swedish customer). We do not charge any payment fees.

Brick condition/Quality:

The condition of New bricks are 100% new from parted out sets and they have never been built with. They might still have small scratching from their original packaging like bricks in any new set might have.

Generally, all our used parts come from private property. For this reason, we wash them in an ultrasonic cleaner and check them carefully for quality before they going into our inventory. Parts of low quality won´t make it in our store.


Because we sell bricks from different sets of different ages, it is nearly impossible to get the exact same shade for every brick. But the same rule applies here, we will not send you any bricks that we would not use ourselves. If you are looking for a completely unfied shade for your bricks, you should buy new bricks to be 100% sure.

Mold variation:

To the best of our ability we try to sort the bricks according to their different versions and mold variations.

Satisfied customer policy:

If you somehow is not satisfied with the bricks or the service you receive, please let us know and we will sort it out to the best of our ability. 
Don´t hesitate to ask us if there is something special you are looking for. We will do our most to try to solve your request.